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Active, inspired by her he speaks and moves;
His deeds obey her heart's unspoken demands;
O Sun-Word, thou shalt raise the earth-soul to Light
A mightier race shall inhabit the mortal's world.


Inspirations - The Galleria

Poems by R Y Deshpande


The Beloved and the Spouse

“Blown through the moon-silver spaces of trance

I am the song of the flute-player’s reed.”

“Spouse of Shiva and his occult-bodied force

In my womb I bear his flame-passion’s seed.”


“Blushing like a dawn when blue lotuses bloom

Brindavan’s maid is caught in her lover’s joy.”

“Noon is my sword flashing in darksome deeps,

I have come the demon-mights to destroy.”


“Prostrate like a day at the sun-god’s feet

Radha’s bliss is forever her Lord’s will.”

“My rush of thunder and storm wakes a birth

Of red-and-gold fire in the Ancient Hill.”

Stirring the Ripples of Sound

If you were not there

There would not have been the dreams,

Nor the horned moon

Stirring the ripples of sound.


Now on the black stalk

Grows your image,

A half-blossomed pink’s smile

Stirring the ripples of sound.


Even as from a distant country

Arrives the white swan,

He dips his leg in the waters

Stirring the ripples of sound.


Therefore the seasons move

And the great stars burn

Into a surprise of songs

Stirring the ripples of sound.