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Active, inspired by her he speaks and moves;
His deeds obey her heart's unspoken demands;
O Sun-Word, thou shalt raise the earth-soul to Light
A mightier race shall inhabit the mortal's world.


Inspirations - The Galleria

Poems by R Y Deshpande


“I Hear the Thunder of New Wings”

Out of the measureless spaces of trance,

Across the ethers of affluent light,

Across the dazzling abodes of the gods,

Voyaging through the worlds of miracle-moon,

Voyaging through transience and through time,

Crossing the clouds of dust, crossing the night,

Carrying infinity like a blaze of gold,

Huge, bearing the body of All-Bliss,

The thunder and the chant of the wondrous wings, --

Upbuoying mortality’s cry to the spirit-sun

Comes rapturous the Falcon of the Flame,

Sweeping the Mind of Light the Breath immense!

Eternal in Transient

A mute dark night is silence of the soul,

Noon’s white blaze a look of Eternity.

Locked in the secret of the electron.

The smile of the blue, the Elysian ecstasy.

Only a whirl see the dim little eyes,

Only a wave, a pale passing flicker;

Deep in the core dances a mystic fire,

A sapphire calm embraces the mortal cry,

And a thick golden hue the transient hour.

The Mobile’s gust and flash is only the Still’s stir,

The Formless is garbed in invisible forms,

Though beyond thought enshrined in the quivering word.

The dumb secrecies bid the paces of the stars,

In perpetual Time resides the God-Idea.