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Inspirations - The Galleria



Poems by R Y Deshpande




To me came gifts from unexpected realms

And the world grew greener, more intimate,

A surging rapture as though a calm sea

Suddenly filled my self, night after night,

Under the rare moon in its beauty’s whole,

Until a new wonder began to shape

Its form of music. Its rush none can halt,

Busy men nor ascetics of the wood,

Nor sophists arguing ever what is

Cannot be what is not, yours or mine,

And astonished stood my neighbours. All changed,

The rocks, the trees, the cow-pen, the home fire,

Even the treadle of the press, internet,

And only was seen in dawning twilight

An eagle of blue mountain in the sky.

Another echo from cave of the heart

In amethyst calm travelled across

Dimnesses of hope. The spirit awoke

Even to outer sense and abolished

Was the dichotomy between being

And non-being. A great power unknown

To struggling life took the difficult charge.

I now witness a stranger happening,

Even the day plunging into darkness

To know the mystery that shall make it

Brighter yet, with suns receiving night’s riches.

I’ve become one with the soul of the earth,

Borne the ancient grief of truth, the unease

Of delight from which came all and to which

Return all. Under that happy heaven

It seemed she was tied for long centuries

To futility’s work-post. But chaos

Ripened into destiny and I see

The new thing arriving greatly to live.

In its eyes the dreams of night are asleep,

The sleep of consciousness splendid in trance.


I am femto-boss of zimmerland

And zimmermights are strident to outdare

The swift of foot. The harsh enormity

Of man’s evil exists not here, nor day

Nor night with dishonoured flames.

Because heaven is good, zimmeryouth braves

The littleness inherited from no

Of the past. In my inner room I work

Miracles in wee details of the hour

That sometimes jumps out from an old tired clock

In suddenness of hope springing to life.

Habits die hard but unapologetic

And sure-fire is the zimmerwill and not

Till this moment was anyone aware

Of spirit’s possibilities. Beyond

The hoarding at the city’s edge

In rainbow red drawn from god-haste raced steeds

Of my desires. Warm-hearted and strong-limbed,

White-maned in my moods, fluent like thrilled songs,

They were already one with wind and sky.

Nor frail mortality would halt their speed

And what it bore was agelessness of truth,

In the ways of the world too. Unquestioning zest

That takes it everywhere defeats death.

I’d known fate as my friend when destiny

By chance introduced me to living trust.

She was wearing an augural necklace

Of corals brought from seas of zimmergleams

And from the flight of the birds I discerned

That time has come the new race to begin:

O in femto-measures the soul of god

Growing in enchantment of hills and trees

And water and air, calm quintessential!

Then in a gesture as of a winging

Height’s eagle swooped down rapture from flight’s best,

Flooding the zimmersoul with beauty’s joy.