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Krishna Chakravarti

GLORY to Thee, O Luminous One, whose presence in a fraction of a second lights up the three worlds and who is brighter than all the suns of the universe put together, to Thee our dazzled obeisance.

Glory to Thee, O Omnipresent One, who with Her invisible presence in every nook and corner of existence conducts and guides the entire universe towards the splendour and beauty that must be realized. To Thee our humble submission.

Glory to Thee, O Omnipotent One, destroyer of Madhukaitabh, Mahishasur and Shumbha-Nishumbha, without whose sanction not even a leaf can move or the wind blow, or the snow melt or the sun shine, whose strength is like a conqueror's sword, O Tamashi, Rigvedaswarupa, Anandarupa, to Thee our awestruck surrender.

Glory to Thee, O Omniscient One, who possesses all the knowledge of the universe and imparts knowledge to humanity and bears "wisdom in a voiceless bosom", O Satwiki, Samavedaswarupa, Chidrupa, to Thee our conscious prostration.

Glory to Thee, O Trigunamayi, possessor of all the wealth of the universe from whose eyes the eternal's bliss flows uninterrupted, O Rajashi, Yajurvedaswarupa, Sadrupa, to Thee our loving salutations.

O humanity, why veil yourself with pretence of ignorance and unconsciousness as to the identity of That who embodies all these qualities? Is it that "the wide world knew not yet the inhabitant flame?" Why doubt still?!

Does one doubt the presence of the sun behind the veil of night? So why doubt Thy presence behind the darkness or when bad times overwhelm one? Does one doubt the existence of the mighty Himalayas just because one hasn't seen them? Then why doubt the sovereign presence of the Mother enveloping the universe because one has not that vision to see Her? One may argue that the holy waters of the Ganges prove the existence of the Himalayas even if one has not seen the snowclad mountains. Does not the flow of Her uninterrupted Grace prove Her omnipresence amongst us, even if one sees not Her physical presence?

Does one doubt the existence of faraway solar systems? Then wherefrom came the comets or rush the shooting stars down on earth? Then why doubt Her presence because one has not evolved enough or the senses developed enough to feel Her near? It is only when She strikes with a mighty Hand that we are in awe of Her omnipotence or when she saves us from calamity that we are awakened and overwhelmed by Her love and care for us.

She is present in the thunder and the lightning. She is present in the silvery linings of the clouds, in the charm of a full moon night we feel her loving embrace, in the morning rays of a golden sun we are touched by Her warm affection; in the sultry heat of the summer She soothes us with the cool southern breeze; in the twinkling of the stars we perceive her sparkling smile; in the blush of the Grace flower we are enamoured of Her charm; in the sunflower's gaze we are drowned in Her golden aura.

In the nuclei of the atoms we are in awe of Her mighty power, in the bud of humility we wonder at her soft retreat, in the fragrance of flowers we inhale Her aroma, in the sound of the organ we are awakened by Her velvety touch of our heartstrings. At the touch of Her feet we feel the heartthrob of earth. In the green waters of the sea we take a plunge, a deep plunge in the bottomless depths of Her compassionate eyes. In the white lotuses of the pond She is present as Aditi, the consciousness and the force of the Supreme, and far above all She creates. She is That—the Mother of all the gods and goddesses sustaining the universe, the beauty, the truth and the consciousness, Satchidananda.

O Luminous One, dissolve our doubt with Thy light, as the sun dissolves the dark threatening clouds of menace.

O Douce Mere! this is our earnest prayer:

Let Truth-Consciousness and Bliss reign over the world.
Let Thy Victory be established.

Again the mighty yearning raised its flame
That asks a perfect life on earth for men
And prays for certainty in the uncertain mind
And shadowless bliss for suffering human hearts
And Truth embodied in an ignorant world
And godhead divinising mortal forms.

(Savitri Page 369)